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  1. Summer Antiquing

    July 15, 2015 by Kate Barker

    .IMG_7906       Summer is the time to SLOW down and enjoy your visit at the Oregon Street Antique Mall..


    Lots of New Treasures in several booths….IMG_7904









    Lots of booths having SALES….IMG_7896



    And with every $25.00 purchase you’ll receive a FREE TEAPOT BANK!!





    We LOOK FORWARD to seeing you soon!!


  2. The Stories

    May 23, 2014 by Kate Barker



    The stories…
    …that is one of my favorite things about working at the Oregon Street Antique Mall.

    This darling little desk speaks to the joy of learning. One of our dealers felt very drawn to it while she was out treasure hunting one day. She purchased it and brought it in to the store to sell.

    Our manager, Amanda, strolling through the store, spotted it and thought it looked like something her mother would have painted…sure enough she found her mom’s signature on it!! 

    The dealer who painted it and the dealer who bought it have been friends for over twenty years…and are both part of our happy family at the Oregon Street Antique Mall.

    Yesterday, this sweet piece went to a new home where it will be put to good use by a young home-schooled scholar!
    A wonderful gem full of history and memories…and now part of a new journey!

    Oregon Street Antique Mall….where history survives and memories abide!!